…because THEIR truth isn’t THE truth…

Publishing, like gaming, war, aerospace technology and education, is IN DISARRAY.


Here at Truther Press – an unintentionally non-profit enterprise – we offer a space for what the MASS MEDIA calls “alternative facts”, “lies” and “bullshit”: creative texts written by REAL people about REAL TRUTHS.


Our books inform and entertain – through a ground-breaking infotational technique combining WORDS with PHOTOGRAPHY – the general reader all about the NEED-TO-KNOW issues that affect us every day, e.g. Stonehenge and the shape of the Earth.


Currently texts include The Truth About… Stonehenge (a study on the true ancient purpose of Stonehenge) and Because Earth Is Flat, a collaborative collection of photographically-illustrated poetry that really puts the boot into the heliocentric globe myth.


Both books are available via Amazon, a perennial friend to the Truther Community. All taxes go towards the maintenance of globalist fictions, and Amazon’s brave anti-tax stance shows their righteous contempt for “democratic government” and for this reason we are happy to “partner” with them.





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